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Turn the sound on and enjoy !

Exterior, interior design and visualisation by Angelika Barzilay

Villa Nok-Ban

The owner of this villa has asked Angelika Barzilay to design the interior and the exterior, which includes pool house and landscaping surrounding the house.

The Dutch owner and his wife of Thai origin have lived in Hong Kong for many years. However, due to the Covid crisis decided to move base and create a safe haven in Thailand. The house was to reflect the two cultures – European minimal with lively Asian hues. Angelika’s signature style would add atmospheric ambience.
The garden with the pool house has undergone a complete transformation creating a veritable oasis. The terrace in front of the house is enlarged towards the pool. The pool house has the same ceramic finish and there is a wooden runner around the pool.

A wonderful assignment and a dream soon to become reality.
Visualization for this project has become a heightened experience due to film and 360-degree rendering.

An impressive aspect of the master bedroom design is the open plan bathroom adjacent to the bedroom.
The open layout gives an overall feeling of wellness. The jacuzzi is on a platform indirectly lit at the
bottom creating the illusion of floating as well as providing a stunning view to a lush garden with swimming pool.

Behind the jacuzzi is the washbasin with floating mirrors through which an eye-catching view of the villa’s most appealing features can be seen.
Behind the washbasin is the double shower and separate toilet. This semi-wellness can be closed with semi-transparent linen curtains. The open bathroom is partly secluded with vertical strips of local teak wood. A spacious walk-in closet is finished with doors of teak wooden strips.

The bedroom has a ceramic floor, essential in Thailand's humid warm climate.
Colours are a combination of jade-green in combination with nude shades, wood and natural light. A ceramic stone floor harmonises with the richness of local decorative elements, distinctive textiles and the overall minimalist style.

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