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Interior Architect, Angelika Barzilay has created an international multidisciplinary interior design company with a strong focus on creating unique, purpose fit interiors.

She collaborates with select like-minded, well-travelled professional teams who share a passion for the unique, the unexpected and the timeless.


Not one-concept-fits-all but a seductive melange of global traditions, styles and settings threads Barzileye’s projects.


“Storytelling is my passion. No two stories are the same. I love the process of trying to discover the true identity of a project, to play with its distinguishing features and its visual possibilities.”

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Our approach to the challenge of finding the true identity of a project entails intensive and extensive research. We delve deep into its cultural, geographical, historical and literary origins. Listening to the needs and ideas of the client is imperative. This gives birth to words and images. The plan starts to take shape. Every detail is taken into consideration. By collaborating with highly trained experts, new state of the art technology skilfully weaves the past into the future with surprisingly innovative results. Vision and daring are the vehicles that transport a concept towards design and finally through to realisation.

Our aim is always to present the client with a full package of tailor-made drawings and specifications.




It is vision that counts and not only the simple perception of aesthetic forms – the ability to sense what the naked eye is yet unable to see.


We want to bring pleasant memories that have faded into the mists of nostalgia, back into contemprary focus. Invisible threads weave yesterday into the now and onto the future. Vintage and state of the art are entwined in harmonious union. Our intention is to showcase the very best of craftsmanship and technology. Their surprising compatibility fascinates us and we search for ways to make contrasting elements come together. We love to create an interior that is sensual, evocative, contemporary, and fit to purpose .




Hilton The Hague, All public spaces, The Netherlands

Carlton President, Utrecht, all public spaces (pitch)
Hilton Soesduinen, restaurant, The Netherlands
Marriot, Atrium, Kazachstan
Efteling, Rooms, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Appollo Hotel, concept rooms, The Netherlands
Hilton Brussels, public spaces, Belgium

NH Hotel, Museumquarter, Amsterdam

Bilderberg Kasteel "de Holtmuhle"

Special project
European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
member of the international team desiging a Moon Habitat

Beach Pavillion Waterreus, Scheveningen (1700m2)
Brasserie Nieuw Noord, Rotterdam (150 m2)
Restaurant Khotinsky, Dordrecht (350m2)
Restaurant Baker & McKenzie, Amsterdam, (250m2)
Cityhall, Leiden, The Netherlands (300m2)
Ziggodome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (300m2)

Restaurant Il Pumo, The Hague, The Netherlands (200m2)

Charles de Gaulle, Businesslounges, Paris, France (600m2)
Schiphol, Public Toilets, Amsterdam (concept)


Holland America Line, SS Volendam, all public spaces

Holland America Line, SS Zaandam, all public spaces



Welness, de Elvenhoeve, Woerden (90m2)

Bar Spark, Hilton, The Hague, The Netherlands (90m2)

Café De Beurs, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (400m2)
Café Boretti, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (110m2)

Bentwoud, Benthuizen, The Netherlands (400m2)

Private Housing

House McLean, Appartment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (300m2)
Villa Poort, Villa, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (500m2)

Villa Noordwal, The Hague, The Netherlands (200m2)

Villa Argentario, Monte Argentario, Rome, Italie (500m2)
House Houseman, Appartment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (300m2)
House Andreae, Appartement, The Hague, The Nehterlands (120m2)
Villa Zirgulis, Villa, Utrecht, The Netherlands (500m2)
Villa Kelsang, Private Villa, Xi’an, China, (1200m2)

JTI, Camel Cigarettes, Smoker’s Lounge
Octapharm, Exhbition Design, Boston Convention Centre, United States

Bugaboo, The Netherlands

Mipim, ING, design stand



Strandwal Festival, Stage design, The Netherlands

Mioretti, Italian shoes, shop-in-shop concept
Suitsupply, Antwerpen, The Netherlands (concept)
Suitsupply, Brussels, Belgium (concept)

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