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Villa Kelsang

Xi'an / China

Xian is a cosmopolitan metropolis where visitors can clearly sense both its ancient past and its glorious present. It is precisely this intriguing contrast that showcases the best of China’s culture and history. However, in this vast metropolis with its rapid pace it is not easy to practise the art of silence.

Meditation and time taken for the quality of life demands a slower pace.

Therefore, the house should be a refreshing and welcoming sanctuary where one can escape the endless pursuits, pressures and relentless seductions of an expanding, vibrant city.

A house equipped with all the necessities of balancing the modern life brings both body and mind to rest. With their innate wisdom Xian’s elderly population demonstrate the art of peace, tranquillity, health and longevity.  While they practise fluid, early morning Tai Chi movements in parks and squares the fast life fades into the background. Fluid forms and balanced structures are incorporated into the interior design of the house.

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