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Villa Argentario


This beautiful but dilapidated old Italian villa situated on the Argentario peninsula underwent a complete metamorphosis. The sea-facing façade, which originally had no windows, was demolished and replaced with tall, sliding doors made of glass whereby the lounge area and the conservatory were integrated. During the summer months the area served as a large, extended living room.
The terrace is equipped with a special wooden water basin that allows for cooling during hot summer days. At the end of the water basin one can sit on a seat immersed in water and enjoy the spectacular view. The challenge was to create a symbiotic relation between the preservation of the old and the modernisation of the villa. And, although Italians are generally not partial to the idea of an open kitchen, the client, in this case, was very pleased with the result. After all, an ocean view while cooking is a highly pleasurable experience.



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