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Photography: Titia Hahne

I was tasked with designing a Gentlemen's club in Rotterdam "Societeit Eendragt maakt Magt" which is a long-standing institution that has been in existence for hundreds of years and was founded in 1854.


The club is established in a residential property located at Kralingse Plaslaan 38 in Rotterdam and is considered to be among the top examples of the "Nieuwe Bouwen architectural movement". This movement was a progressive architectural style prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s and was the Dutch representative of the Modern Movement in Architecture.

This establishment is a closed business environment for former students, and the building itself is a unique structure that was designed in 1920 by renowned architects Brinkman & Van der Vlugt. My specific task was to design the public space/bar on the ground floor of the building, which was a true challenge given the national heritage status of the building and the strict rules of the organization of the monumental heritage that had to be strictly followed.

One of the main challenges I faced was interpreting these rules while still maintaining my expressive style, which was quite different from the squarish movement of that time. Additionally, I had to study the colors and materials that were used in 1920, and many of these were not visible in the existing black-and-white photographs. However, by studying documents from specialists, I was able to discover the colors and materials that were used, such as the bright Sunflower Yellow linoleum flooring and avocado green walls.

As a passionate interior architect, I could talk for hours about the design stories behind this project. Despite the challenges, I managed to bring the past to life and create a stunning space that honors the history and heritage of the building. As a designer, I think of myself as a wizard, and this project allowed me to showcase my skills and creativity. Please see the attached renderings and images of the project.

Photography: Titia Hahne

Sociëteit Eendragt Maakt Magt


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