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Paagman / Cafe Kicking Horse

The Hague

The 3rd generation family Paagman invited Angelika Barzilay of Barzileye Concept & Design to breathe new life into the Kicking Horse Café 

with her innovative approach to interiors swathed in the narrative of bygone days.


The rich oral history of three tribes of the Flathead reservation covering western Montana and extending into British Columbia; a stout-hearted 

geologist kicked, broken ribbed and knocked unconscious by his bolted packhorse; a breath of fresh Canadian Rocky Mountain air, and the smell 

of coffee beans roasting in the garage of two entrepreneurial travellers inspired Barzilay to warmly embrace the pioneering spirit when modernizing 

Paagman’s Kicking Horse Café in The Hague. 


Believing it unnecessary to reinvent but rather to honour the past and rekindle the memory of heritage, Barzilay welcomed the spirit of 18th century settlers with the Windsor chair. Named after the English town where it originated in 1710, it crossed the ocean to be perfected by colonial craftsmen and reinterpreted by Canadian designers. 

Lauded by King George II for its comfort after seeking shelter from a storm and settling down on one in a peasant cottage, the Windsor chair with its simplicity, functionality 

and test of time remained Angelika Barzilay’s choice.


What better way to sit and enjoy excellent coffee at Paagman’s Kicking Horse Café! 

Photography: Sarah Dona

                        Mike Bink Fotografie


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