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Dear Angelika,


I have seen many projects of Angelika and was impressed by her different styles, creative, chosen and fitted to property,  location, needs, and functionality sometimes and still with her own signature.

Every property has a different character and story as well as every person and business has a different story to tell. Angelika can perfect translate this to the look and feel of the environment.

Her international background, living for years in several countries and out of the box thinking make her an unique person who creates, fitted style with an own character.

Angelika can do larger – Hilton hotel — projects to smaller like my living room, all with the same destiny, dedication and creativity. I have asked Angelika to have a quick look  living room and within 7 days after our 1 hour meeting she had perfect proposal, and a digital 3D projection which we discussed over the phone with an open discussion, do’s and don’ts for my room. Exciting, in the middle of making changes now. 

A basic price for a very professional approach and product, all much appreciated.


Thank you Angelika,




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