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Interior and visualisation by Angelika Barzilay

Turn the sound on and enjoy !



So exciting to design this apartment of just 40m2 for a couple that for the first time will share a household.
This proofs that every apartment can be that cozy tiny house that everybody would love to have.

By carefully choosing and placing the items, it feels spacious, "lofty" and romantic with spicy modern elements like a huge graffity on the wall. The wall that separates the living room and the bedroom became the main feature of this appartement. It is not just a straight wall, it is a 3D element that incorparates shelving, a wardrobe (from ikea :-) and windows to lighten up the space.
The shelves, which are LED lighted underneath, follow the length of the wall and merge with the round table and sofa in the corner and gives an organic feel to the space.

The kitchen is composed of IKEA elements. Using the kitchen elements in a customized way ensures that it does not look like a standard Ikea kitchen.The bar is a "movable" item. It can be easily replaced if so desired. The floor is painted in a slight grey color in a high gloss finish to lighten up the apartment. A compact sofa  can be easily used to chill in two or as a spare bed for a sleepover. The woodstove is the center piece in this livingroom to connect the sofa area and working/ dining area. In that way there is no separation between chilling, eating or working.

It is one big area for all purposes where light design is crucial. The bedroom is also designed to the square millimeter.
The choice for a large shower with a small washbasin directed towards the bedroom with a small high mirror, in stead
of a bath, makes this bedroom look and feel like a 5 star hotel.

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