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Turn the sound on and enjoy !

Interior design and visualisation by Angelika Barzilay


Originally, this old monumental warehouse was the home of the village milkman. Years of neglect culminated into seven attic rooms piled high in clutter, manifold cabinets, and a labyrinth of multiplex wood paneling. A welcome challenge for transformation into visible beams and an open floor plan. 


In contrast to the original boarded-up, claustrophobic environment, every section between the wooden truss construction has purpose and function. Ideal for a young family or couple.


The first segment consists of a king-size bed placed on a wooden platform. The bath/jacuzzi on the same platform is placed underneath an inclined window affording soothing access to a starry night sky. In front of the bed is a comfortable lounge sofa.


The second segment consists of a traditional Dutch farmhouse ‘bedstee’ boxbed and is redesigned to accommodate two people comfortably. It is fitted with an inclined window, and also has an upper-level single bed.


The dining table seats four and a small kitchen has the added attraction of a bar for the welcoming anticipation of a drink as you ascend the stairs. 


The bathroom benefits from natural light entering through windows at the front and back. facilities include a rain shower, washbasin, toilet, sliding mirrored door, and mini sauna. Wellness and luxury have not been ignored.


Much thought has been directed towards optimal space transformation, including indirect lighting for intimacy, with small spotlights at the highest point of the attic emphasizing the open truss construction.


Customized items especially for this project have been designed by Angelika Barzilay and are part of my new label PANTARAIE.


Interior Design: Angelika Barzilay

Project: 161 m2

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